Welcome :) I'm so excited you're here x
Congrats on making the first step to creating a home you love!
Book your Strategy Session with me (Hayley) below...
The Strategy Session is a (free) chat over the phone and will take approx. 15mins
During your consultation Hayley will
  • Find out what you're struggling with the most
  • ​Gain an understanding of where you're at now and what you'd like to achieve 
  • ​Discuss ideas and answer any questions you may have
  • ​Propose the "game plan," the best way forward according to your project scope and budget
Before you book...
 I just need to make sure we are the right fit for each other. 
  • YES! I'm serious about creating a home I love and I'm ready to get cracking and start the project.
  • ​YES! I'm commited to doing the homework. (At Lou Brown Design we don't just design a "pretty interior" we create a meaningful, timeless home that you have a strong connection with. To achieve this and before we start any design work, we need you to invest time and energy into our homework. This homework consists of two excercises that explore your story and your style. This will likely take you a few weeks).
  • YES! I'm ready to trust a professional with my home.
If the above sounds great to you and you're ready to get cracking, click below to book in your session x 
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