5 Questions You Must Ask
If at some point you think you might need help from an interior designer then this guide is a must have. A step by step guide on exactly what questions to ask and how to find the right fit so that you can enjoy the journey, get the result you want and avoid the disapointment. 
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"Thank you so much! I felt a bit anxious as I began my journey looking for the right interior designer for our home. To be honest, I never thought of checking some things you recommended and thank goodness I did! This material is a life saver and has definately helped me find the right designer (you) to work with. Rather than feeling nervous and not knowing where to start or who to trust, I'm now confident I've found the right fit and now I'm just excited to start our renovation! 
Thanks so much Hayley."

D Walter, Takapuna, Client
WITH this free GUIDE, I'll show you:
The 5 MAIN questions you must ask
These 5 questions are critical if you want to find the perfect interior designer for your home. Avoid engaging the wrong person and start your project the right way, with the right interior designer.
Understand the different ways a designer charges design fees so you can select the right method for your project. Also know what questions to ask when discussing the project budget. 
what a THOROUGH design process looks like
Having a clear understanding of what a good design process looks like will enable you to feel confident in the designers ability, efficiency and professionalism. 
Understand how they will know your unique style.  Be aware of the tell tale signs that you're not being listnened too. A simple checklist that sumarises and confirms whether or not you've found the right fit. 
and more...
Hi, I’m Hayley Brown award winning Interior Designer and Director of Lou Brown Design, based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Through my unique Love Your Home Strategy, I help people who are renovating, or building create a home they truly love.

It’s key to surround yourself by meaningful things throughout your home, that’s why we take the time to explore your story and what’s important to you.

This is the secret to achieving a timeless home that you have a deep connection with.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients throughout New Zealand, built some incredible relationships and delivered outstanding training through my workshop series... so I can confidently share valuable insights which you can implement in your journey of creating a home you love.

Lovely Lady, it’s time to stop dreaming of that beautiful home and actually achieve the lifestyle you deserve.

Happy decorating!

Hayley x

It was a joy to work with Hayley. She listened carefully to what we were seeking, gave us lots of options, and was ready to test things out and make changes if need be. 

Her suggestions were bold, original and in the end delivered what we wanted. 

We have now been in the apartment for two years and it works so well. 

Gives us pleasure every day!
A. Woodward
I found Hayley on Houzz , when I was looking for someone to pull together the final look for our brand new home. 

That included paint colours, drapes, furniture layout, key furniture pieces etc. Hayley was absolutely brilliant in understanding our vision and methodically making it a reality. 

She was extremely professional , so much so the fact that we lived in different locations didn’t ever pose an issue. 

Everything was timely , within budget and the results were stunning. 

Would highly recommend Hayley.
N. Mohan
From the get go we were so impressed by how approachable, prompt and knowledgable Hayley was.
We were particularly impressed by how she was able to translate our fumbling attempts to explain the look and feel we were after. All the ideas, schemes and samples she came back with were spot on and it was a very easy and enjoyable process.

Hayley was supportive and professional throughout and has transformed our vision into a warm, stylish and welcoming home.

We would thoroughly recommend Hayley to anyone who wants a professional, talented and stylish "partner".
R. Blamey
Finding the right interior designer for your home is only a click away...